Our Services
We are committed to getting the client into his apartment and be as he was told and as he thought.
Construction Management

“Construction Management” enables the reconciliation of financial, material and human resources by maximally preventing unintended occurrences that cause costs and delays, are the technical requirements regarding the construction, rules and laws and codes of construction as to how to build the facility.

Standards as a primary objective are to provide a common language so that buyers, suppliers, developers, managers, and technicians involved in software development can understand each other. 

We are committed to getting the client into his apartment as if he were told and thought of. Everything moves ahead of us, only to have the customer satisfied.

Design Project

Our studio brings together the best practices of modern architecture with local knowledge to offer its clients new concepts, meticulously detailed design, thorough study and analysis, efficient design management, and a consistent approach. 

Design is an ever-evolving field that recognizes value-adding changes to architectural projects to meet the needs of users, “Bashkimi Projekt” puts its design philosophy into practice, addressing space needs, using market realities, human resources, urban structure, environment, and cost-effectiveness.

When designing different projects, the sectors cooperate and harmonize their work until the final project document.
Our experience and successes in project design are already proven!

Construction Services

Over the years “Bashkimi Projekt” has built various civil and public facilities, expanding year by year the experience in the field of construction. The company’s mission has not changed since its founding. For the company, it is important to combine integrity and professionalism in order to generate a high quality that is not only for customers but also for employees and partners. This experience has shown that what the company once used as future projects, today are in the works. 

“Bashkimi Projekt” offers various services in the construction sector, with full support for every project.

With the contribution to keep the company spirit up by delivering quality construction in a timely manner, the company today is among the best construction companies in the country.