Successful work made us to have commitment on projects
Current projects
The building is equipped with urban planning and construction permits from the municipality of Prishtina, "Breznica Residence" is located in
Choosing the right living environment for your family is one of the most important and not at all easy decisions,
It's not easy to find a construction firm that thinks like you, but it's not impossible either. "FISNIKU" is the
Finished projects
We designed and are pleased to build the "DERIN Residence" complex. Another added value for the Muhagjeri Lagoon, in the
Where comfort, convenience and security are united in one place. A project that will amaze me with greatness, unlike others.
Our goal is to create a European standard of living for you through our constructions. A project that will fascinate
Built in one of the most attractive parts, in a quiet area, away from its dust and noise, its appearance
We have designed  a ceramic salon with all the details is what makes this object stand out from afar. We
Special, elegant and unlike other offerings, comfort and comfort lasting! "TRIO" is a project that is planned to meet all
Blerti Complex with its features offers European standards for residents, where a large percentage of the land is green and