Where comfort, convenience and security are united in one place. A project that will amaze me with greatness, unlike others.

Embassy Residence located in the capital, with easy access and very close to the main road.

Panoramas and green areas can be accessed from balconies and windows that have maximum lighting. Ground floors have mini-gardens available for children and the elderly, especially for the passionate about flowers.

To make the most of your time efficiently, we have designed running spaces that extend to green areas and away from vehicles.

Each facility has underground garages where one is provided for each family (but not necessarily), while outdoor parking lots are primarily for non-residents.

The distance between the facilities guarantees standard by providing concrete solutions and full benefit in penetrating the light and warmth of the sun. Fountains serve not only as decorative accessories, but also for relaxation on hot summer days, where coolness cannot be overlooked, the warmth of the sun.

We thought and worked long on the accommodation, functionality and family intimacy in this complex complex