Blerti Complex with its features offers European standards for residents, where a large percentage of the land is green and recruitment for children.

With a unique and contemporary design, the complex offers the highest standards of construction and a quality living.

The complex opens the doors to a contemporary lifestyle and provides access to any resident who wishes to live in the most beautiful area of ​​the city where breathing freely in the downtown area of ​​Kalabria.

The grandeur and luxury of this complex will adorn the lives of the families who will reside in it. The Blerti Complex will be a symbol of premium living and the complex itself will be part of the city’s urban plans and an example of change and greatness.

Taking into account the demands of our clients, who have trusted our name, confirmed to the highest standards, we bring the application of the latest technologies in construction to deliver the highest quality in every residential unit. Because this complex is in the function of residents in the first place!