The building is equipped with urban planning and construction permits from the municipality of Prishtina, “Breznica Residence” is located in MuhaxherĂ«t neighborhood and as such has very good access both for vehicles and pedestrians, with proper orientation for housing and has enough sunlight.

The facility offers good opportunities for family life development with green areas, trails and play areas. There is also ample parking for apartments and premises located in the two basements of the building. Constructed from the highest quality materials available on the market, it is designed and built according by European standards and standards in terms of stability and the facility has high-quality thermal and acoustic insulation.

The exterior appearance “Breznica Residence” is conceived to be made of bull facade. The facade of the Sutern as well as the ground floor where the premises are located is made of facade tiles, textured wood, while the residential part is bull-faced facade with decor.

The facility will provide 24-hour water from sufficient volume tanks for the entire facility, and will be provided with central heating with individual options and city heating.

Entrance doors will be armored and manufactured by renowned European manufacturers, common doors will be fire resistant. The windows will be made of plastics that meet ISO or DIN standards, and are equipped with plastic shutters hidden in the facade. The floors of the flats will be of parquet and first class ceramic tile and the joint staircase fence will be of aluminum.