About Us

If there’s something that has kept us in pace and shape, is the quality of the work we have done, that we are very proud of

About Us

“Bashkimi Projekt” is a design, construction and supervision company based in Prishtina since 2009, which is also the year of the foundation of the company. 

The key features that distinguish our work are the professionalism, dedication, and correctness proven over the years and thanks to these features we are positioned in the market as the first option for clients who want pleasant environments with first-class planning, design, and construction.

Successful work has enabled us as a company to have a broad commitment to projects that are not the only individual and multi-residential buildings, but also educational, cultural, sports facilities and many other areas.

Each facility wants its own treatment and this has made our professional staff adaptable to each project we have implemented, taking pride in each concrete cubic meter placed and each walled block.

We are committed to getting the client into his apartment as if he were told and thought of. Everything moves ahead of us, only to have the customer satisfied.

If something has kept our pace and in shape is the quality of the work we have done, we are proud of it at every turn.

Our Mission

As a technical construction company, we focus on innovation and maintaining quality by making sure you deliver your projects on schedule. For us, the value of the project does not value the criteria made.

Value of work

"Bashkimi Projekt" has implemented a variety of specific and diverse projects, as a company with many years of experience offers a work environment that helps you grow professionally, as well as a proactive and work-oriented approach to creating success.


“Bashkimi Projekt" carries out a full activity in the field of construction from the beginning of the construction work until the delivery of the building to the client. The serious respect of the parameters in the field of design, construction, and supervision makes "Bashkimi Project" a leader in our market, meeting all international quality standards.

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